Applied Research

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The Evaluation Project™ (EP) has 15 years of experience in research methods. Our expertise includes survey design, applied and experimental research, and program evaluation.  EP’s experience includes both outcome and process research as well as qualitative and quantitative research methods.

EP will improve your organizational effectiveness by providing your organization with a program evaluation that examines organizational efficacy and ascertains that a program is accomplishing its goals; and can help identify areas of the program that need revision or strengthening.

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In addition, EP has significant capabilities in public policy analysis.  Our insightful policy analysis work has influenced and advised policy makers in institutional and organizational development. 

Alexander Real Estate

Alexander Real Estate started out with a couple of realtors who were drowning in back office work. With our services, they’ve been able to focus on the real estate end of the business while we take care of the paperwork, allowing them to build their operation to 28 realtors in five states.

June Grey Consulting

June Grey started out as a one-woman freelance marketing firm who wanted to teach clients how to effectively market their business for better business gains. Ten years after we helped write her business plan, she’s a national seminar speaker.

Peoria Express Signs

Owner John Green came to us eight years ago with a problem. He’d made signs for over 20 years, but didn’t know anything about starting a business. We helped him with our Early Entrepreneurs program and he now has shops in 12 states.

Fine Flights

When pilot Marie Chu came to us, she’d already spent several years in business. She needed to create marketing campaigns that got results without taking all her time for a new “Date Flight” service that included fine dining. By the time we were finished, she’d already booked her schedule for a month of flights.