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Healthcare Management

Peace of Mind Included

We have developed a practice management consultant program to provide innovated lifetime services to physicians practice. Our highly qualified consults offer a range of healthcare experience in the area of managerial and financial coordination. 

No matter how large or small the practice, our dedicated consults are skillful in designing individual management and financial programs that are sure to turn any troubled situation around or provide the desired edge to exceed your competition.

Areas of specialty include: Business Plan Development, Development of Practice Policy and Procedures, Budget Development and Management, Proposal Development for Clinical Programs, Market Analysis, Feasibility, and Due Diligence Studies, Human Resource Management, Behavioral and Public Health Promotion and much more…. 


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Program Management

To ensure their continued leadership in the marketplace, world-class organizations are appraising how they conduct business. They recognize that rapid change, increased competition, and growing demands for superior value and service require fundamental transformations: from work to performance, from tasks to projects, from supervision to superior management.

To help organizations succeed, The Evaluation Project™ offers a comprehensive approach to project management. Thanks to years of experience launching, directing, and overhauling projects large and small, we have the expertise and commitment you expect from your project management partner. 

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